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Polish online

The modern market-conquering controversion method has many advantages:

  • Classes are held at home

  • Ample time for classes

  • Individual treatment to each student

  • Low cost

Lessons from a distance

Training on the Internet is developing at an accelerated pace and more and more schools are starting to use this form of education. As practice has shown, this method is in no way inferior to traditional methods of training and at the same time is an advantageous, convenient and cheapest method of teaching.

In our school, you also can take lessons on the Internet. This greatly simplifies the coordination of class time.

The advantages of learning online:

  • Intensity and time is most appropriate for the student.

  • Individual learning mode.

  • The homework in a time convenient for the student.

  • Direct communication with the lecturer.

  • Analysis of the texts read.

  • A student can change a lecture and include interesting events from everyday life.

As an experienced lecturer, I can safely say that teaching a student in the same place and in a familiar environment creates inner comfort and promotes better learning.

Classes are conducted using the free Skype program. The program you can download here . There are no problems with its installation, but it allows for a very good contact of the sound and visual learner with the lecturer.

How are the classes on skype

First of all you need to contact me via Skype or write a letter to my email address. My data you will find here. After we will contact you, we set the time of classes, the number of classes per week, and also stipulate the program and subjects of the classes. The first five sessions we conduct are always trial, that would find out your expectations, check the quality of your Internet connection and if everything is in order, then you can pay for these classes. If, for some reason, this form of employment does not suit you, we can specify another form of learning. We conduct lessons on my materials, I send you everything in separate files and we deal with them. Usually, I give to learn by heart the dialogues that represent already ready-made conversations used in colloquial speech. This helps to get used to the language quickly. In the classroom we work out the correctness of pronunciation, the perception of speech by ear, the understanding of texts and the expression of one's thoughts in Polish. We study grammar mediocrely, by repeatedly repeating typical phrases and associating expressions with a particular situation. But for teachers, there is the possibility of supplying grammar directly in theory. During the training I send audio material for listening, I offer video films for viewing, cartoons, art serials, audio audio in Polish, as well as TV programs.