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Center of the Polish Language


Assistance to foreigners to receive education in Poland, the spread of Polish among Poles living abroad. Helping adults get an additional specialty and gain employment in Poland, as well as legalize their stay in Poland.


Center of the Polish Language Akcent has been a dynamic school since 2008, teaching Polish to foreigners. The idea to create the Center appeared in 2008 with the growing interest of young people abroad to get an education in Poland. The school's activity is directed at the entrants both from the near and far abroad. At first, classes were held in groups of up to 15 people before the start of the school year. Later the number of people in the group was reduced to 8. The task is to prepare future students for living among Poles, acquaintance with the city, introduction to specific terminology used in technical schools.

Over time, there was a demand for individual classes, as well as for online classes, that is, Studying Polish on the Internet. As practice has shown, learning the language on the Internet brings almost the same results as with individual training. At the moment we offer Polish language class in preparation for entering universities in Poland, which are characterized by an abundance of special terms and phrases, class aimed at medical topics, these are terms and expressions from the field of chemistry and biology and, of course, philology, this is in case Someone will volunteer to enter the faculty studying, for example, English philology in Poland.

Due to the fact that the Center is closely cooperating with the Maritime Academy in Szczecin, a course on the vocabulary of marine expressions and terminology associated with this field of industry is naturally developed.



The Students constitute the biggest value for us, because it is them who are also our Employer, our catalyst for the development and the most important judge of our achievements.

Human resources

No company has a chance to be successful without an involvement of the human factor, because it is the employees who give the company their work, talents, creativity and energy.

Perfection and reliability

Competence, innovation, integrity and honesty are the base for our all activities, whilst fast decisions and flexibility lead to effectiveness.

Quality and improvement

Continuous improvement and attention to the quality are the keys to create a competitive company.


We are responsible for our activities and quality towards everybody who trusts us: customers, partners and employees.