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Center of the Polish Language

Lectures of the Polish language conducted in the group. Callan method.

Our training programs and methods are based on modern and effective ways of communication. Thanks to modern developments, our listeners have the opportunity to master the language in a pleasant, relaxed climate.


The learning gives the result because:

  • Lessons are held in small groups. Students can actively participate in the learning process.

  • We think over and prepare each lecture separately in such a way that it answers the maximum requirements of the group.

  • All the time we communicate in Polish. Students actively participate in discussions and sketches, simulating situations from everyday life.


When organizing the classes, we pay special attention to the preparation of lectures, the correct planning and the level of the material being taught. Especially important for us is a friendly hostile climate. We believe that the pleasant climate of the classes helps in overcoming the language barrier and motivates the students to continue their work.

The lecturer tries to diversify lectures in such a way that they are not monotonous, for example, organizes excursions, walks around the city, lectures in nature.


Individual lectures of Polish. Callan method.

In the case of an individual form of teaching, the lecturer will explain the material being studied, accessible to the student, and will dispel all his doubts. Will help overcome difficulties and the most important thing will interest the language.

Individual classes are designed for students who are looking for a Polish classes that meets their needs.

The program of such training is selected separately for each student, depending on his level, the opportunities for the ability to master knowledge. Individual classes are an excellent form of training for those who have knowledge gaps, as well as limited training time.In this case, the lecturer submits material that will fill the missing knowledge and will help you to master the language faster.

Remember! The choice is up to you. We serve you with help and knowledge.